• Antykwa Półtawskiego

    Antykwa Półtawskiego


    This font was designed in the ‘twenties and the ‘thirties of XX century by a Polish graphic artist and a typographer Adam Półtawski. It was widely used by Polish printing houses as long as metal types were in use (until ca the ‘sixties).

    The electronic replica of Antykwa Półtawskiego was prepared by Bogusław Jackowski, Janusz M. Nowacki and Piotr Strzelczyk (JNS TEAM) and released during the meeting of the Polish TeX Users Group (GUST) (Bachotek, Poland, April-May, 2000) as a preliminary version.

    The main source of Antykwa Półtawskiego were printouts of metal types. Janusz M. Nowacki programmed glyphs in METATYPE1 using tools prepared by Bogusław Jackowski and Piotr Strzelczyk. The tools make use of METAPOST, AWK, TeX, Type 1 utilities, Ghostscript, and perl. A lot of testing and tuning was carried out in the BOP firm.

    The current version of Antykwa Półtawskiego is meant for bold people, primarily for testing purposes.


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